IVR options to be played to the caller

Hi all. We would want to make an outbound call to a phone number from a VOIP/softphone which would then play the options back to the VOIP/softphone (i.e. act as an IVR) after the call is answered. Please let me know the asterisk dialplan for this. I have tried this functionality but the options are played to the callee rather than to the caller. Any help with regards to this is really appreciated.

In general, all you can expect from a peer support forum is hints as to which dialplan applications to use, not the complete design of a solution.

However, I am having difficult understanding the requirement. It seems to be that the IVR is being provided by the B side of the call, in which case this is a completely normal call to Asterisk.

As @david551 eluded to, you’re probably looking for the BackGround() command. The IVR is easy for inbound calls, much harder for outbound.

I wrote a use case that includes a static IVR using Background(), you can find it here.

Hope it helps!