Playback in the background

Hi guys,

i need help, i want to dial a number and then want to play an ivr in the background i mean on rininging. I can use macros on answer but i need to play an ivr during the call is ringing. i can not use music on hold beacuse every time a call is made i need to play different ivr.

is there any one who can help me out please…

This not Asterisk Support.

I would suggest using Originate to start a parallel outgoing call and then Bridge it to the incoming call when it is answered.

yah this is what i can do that, but is there any way i can do in call file? please guide

Call files are not that special and Local channels solve most problems. However I need to be sure this is an application of call files of which I would approve before giving more help on call files.

This is not a call file application, all i need to play an ivr on the calllers channel and dialing should also be start at the backend