IVR Menu - What was the user's choice?

I’m implementing a simple menu in Asterisk. When the user makes a choice, is there a way to make asterisk tell me what their choice was when i answer the phone? Let me put it into a simple flowchart as an example:

1: Someone calls
2: Asterisk answers. "Press 2 to tell me I’m pretty or 3 to tell me I’m uglier than a sack of rotten potatoes"
3: Caller press 3.
4: My phone rings. I pick up the phone, and hear (a voice prompt i recorded saying) “An user called and he thinks you’re ugly”. While i’m hearing this, the phone is still ringing for the caller.
5: Phone stops ringing for the caller, and i start talking.

Excuse my juvenile exemplification :smile:

Is something like this possible?

Entirely do able. :smile:

Create a temp variable to hold your result once you get it.

Then do something like this: voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … +follow+me

Only have it dial you extension. If your phone has a screen you can also set callid info to be displayed with your results instead…


I’m not sure I follow… how can I use that and make an audio file play for me, but not for the caller?

look at the ‘A’ option for Dial(), you can specify a sound file to play to the called party. pre-record these to correspond to the options you are specifying in the IVR.