It takes a while to make a call from my PABX

It takes a while to make a call from my PABX

I have a PBX with Asterisk version 18.16.0 - When a user connects to a VPN and is using my PBX, the call takes about 30 seconds to reach Asterisk.

The user accesses my PBX and uses a native dialer, that is, he uses the WEBRTC dialer. When connected to a VPN and using the Google Chrome browser, the call takes about 30 to 50 seconds to reach Asterisk. When arrive at Asterisk, leave immediately. (If you use Firefox browser, there will be no delay)

I thought it might be the network it is connected to, but this happens with several clients on different networks.
Could it be the browser? Can I adjust this?

Can you check your in-browser console/debug logs, and maybe a packet capture on the host, to check for ICE delays when negotiating RTP IP/ports?

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