It is hardly to hear us via conference call

We have bought conference telephone Digium D60 2-line IP Phone 1TELD060LF.
We earnestly ask you to solve the problem: called parties can hardly hear us while we talking via 1TELD060LF.
We can hear the called parties well. But they almost can’t hear us.
We tried to provide different options “Voice Mode”. If “Voice Mode” is set

Please, help.

None of our deskphones are conference phones. They’re deskphones with local conferencing (2 parties and yourself = 3) and speakeprhone capabilities. If you’re trying to capture an entire room with the handsfree microphone, you’re going to be worse off than you would be with a full-on conference phone with multiple, remote microphones.

There are some undocumented XML items that’ll manipulate the analog and digital gains of the microphone. Your (or anyone’s) use of them precludes our ability to provide any support of any kind. Manipulation of them in any way will alter the phone’s ability to perform echo cancellation. Maybe it alters it a tiny bit and things are seemingly okay. Maybe it alters things a lot, and everything sounds terrible. Either way, we disclaim any and all support / assistance through the usage / changing of these parameters.

It goes like:

<setting id="speakerphone_type_input" value="decibel value"/>

where type is one of:

The default for the D60’s handsfree microphone is 28 (in dB) for the analog gain and 0 for the digital gain. It can be set from 0-42 in 1dB increments.

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