Digium D50 speaker phone options

I have the D50 I would like to turn on the speaker phone but only use the mic on the headset.


It doesn’t work that way. That’d play havoc with the echo cancellation, since the handset microphone and echo suppression aren’t tuned to be able to deal with that kind of situation.


Thank you for replying. Is there any way to make this happen, it was a feature with our old phone system.
Or any way to send the audio to pc.?
Thank you.

I’d suggest you grab the audio out of Asterisk using the ChanSpy application. That’ll allow you to hook another device (phone, softclient, etc.) into the audio stream.

Thank you I will try to find that.

Is this an application or add-on? sorry I am new to this.

lol never mind.I guess it would help to read it lol. Thanks.