Conference mutes callers when initiator picks up line 2


When I conference two people in a call, and a third call comes in and I pick it up, the people in my conference cannot hear each other. How can I resolve this issue so that the original callers on the conference can steal talk to each other when Im on the other line.


How are you conferencing them. This may well be done entirely by the phones.

Thanks for the reply David.

I have a feeling it is being done by the phones. How can I change it so it does the conferencing through the system? Does it need some additional hardware for this? Or is it just a configuration/software change?


There is a meetme application and more recently a conference one. The former needs some source of timing, so you need to install dahdi, although it can use built in system timers (it is possible that 1.8 doesn’t even require this).