ISUP Configuration in asterisk 1.8LTS

Hi Team

I am trying to do ISUP configuration on my asterisk server. I have a server with 4 port sangoma card

and the provider changed the ISDN standard to ISUP now i need to change my entire set-up to ISUP compatibility

Iam using asterisk 1.8 LTS version

DAHDI - 2.10.

Lib PRI - 1.4.14

telephony modules = wanpipe 7.0.16

How i can proceed the installation , What are the steps to implement the SS7 signalising. Iam so confused :sweat:

Anyone can help me to sort out this implementation…

It’s a very old document… Has some holes which you will need to figure out but here you go:

Many Thanks For your help!:relaxed:
I will try with this document …