Working LibSS7 Set


Need some Details for Configuring LibSS7 With Asterisk
I need to know anyone who has done successful implementation of SS7 with asterisk & the details would be

Linux Operating System Used
Asterisk Version Used
Dahdi Version Used
LibPRI Version Used
LibSS& Version Used

I Already have installed & configured LibSS7 With Asterisk on top CentOS 6.3(64 bit), but is having issue with no sound , I Tried some trouble shooting which were posted on the forum but no help ,Also the CIC’s were mapped correctly as per Telco’s switch & instructions but no help
The existing setup is with Sangoma 104DE with wanpipe version 1.3.28,

Any help would be appreciated.

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Chetan Jha
+91 9930573730

I installed libss7 successfully on CENTOS 6.2 (64 bit ) with asterisk 10 without any problem . you do not need any lib pri . What is the problem

Is your ss7 link up ? what is the output of command : asterisk -rx “ss7 show linkset 1” ?

Migrated to asterisk 1.8.15, with lib_ss7

works fine now .

Chetan Jha