Version CLI SIP- commands missing?

A question from a Newbie :

  • I nstalled the pruct.
  • Added my phones to sip.conf and extensions.conf
  • started asterisk …
    tried to use commands like “sip show peers”, “sip show users” and other SIP-coomands …but I get
    "no such commands" ? is failing to load. Look at the logs produced during startup. I think a serious syntax error in sip.conf can cause this.

Thanks for trying to help me …

I found this in the Asterisk start logg : "Unable to load config sip.conf! !?
I placed sip.conf in : /usr/src/asterisk/asterisk-
I used sip.conf.sample in the same directory as a base for my changes.

Pretty sure sip.conf is supposed to be in /etc/asterisk .

You’ve missed the “make samples” step, which populates /etc/asterisk. You may also have missed the “make config” step, which sets up the system startup code.