Cisco IP PHONES 8941


May I have your Support regarding a Cisco IP Phone 8941. I have some 7942G, they are working good but the CP-8941 does not register and I try in all forums and read a lot but there’s nothing on how to make a Cisco IP Phone 8941 work with asterisk or elastix.
Please your comments will be appreciate.

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Couple of questions:
What firmware versions you have on the 7942 & 8941?
Are you using SIP/TCP or UDP?


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We are trying to get our 7942G phones working . We will appreciate if you can please advice us that how we can run it.

Thanks Again
Rizwan Majeed

We would appreciate it if you started your won thread and if you told us what you tried and provided logging showing that the call or register reaches Asterisk and how it goes wrong.

I have uploaded load files too tftpboot . I have edit baseline edit option and following firmware SIP42.9-4-2SR3-1S
Then i have done mapping of the extension . After doing this its showing that registering since very long .

Thanks Again

I send to you the file that I used but I add some comments

Thanks There ,

I am not able to see the attachment . is this possible if you can re send it or email me directly with the attachment of the file . I would be really very grateful .

Email :

Thank you so much