Issue with calls

I just set up the raspbx server on pi3. set everything up but the problem is only 1 phone is reciving and sending calls out, inside the network. every phone is recieving call from the phone i mentioned above. haven’t registered sip trunk yet. other phones are acting like this they send out 1 signal and than the call gets dropped with beep. need help asap please

As with all free support, help will come when people are in a position to respond, not when you want it.

In particular, in this case, you are unlikely to get any useful help until you provide a lot more information, such as details of your configuration, sufficiently verbose logs, and details of your network and devices.

As this is presumably SIP related, it is almost certain that you will need to provide the protocol logging form chan_sip or chan_pjsip, as appropriate.

hello david, I decided to launch update, it’s being installed right now. Will give back info when it’s finished.
I know that it’s free forum, just my *ss is on fire right now…