Can't hear outsite ! Help please!

I have set up an asterisk pbx. Sometimes when people call in,we can’t hear them, but they can hear me. If anyone has the same problem and how to solve the problem ?


You are going to have to be a hell of a lot more specific than that.

How is the call getting in? SIP? IAX? PRI? POTS analog lines?

Who is answering it? SIP? IAX? PRI? POTS analog lines?

I would guess offhand that your problem has something to do with NAT… remember set canreinvite=no and turn off STUN if your phone is behind the NAT… (this assumes you have SIP)

Actually , PRI gets in and sip answering . We have 4 branches using asterisk pbx. Some have this kind of problem and some don’t . I just talked to the staff who using the phone most. He told me it is about 10 calls a day which has problem. I really don’t know how to trace the problem. We use PRI line which from Bell. Asterisk pbx verios is asterisk@home 2.2.


DIFFERENT ISSUE FOR ME :smile: (almost the same)

The far end can hear us, but we can not hear them!

92 Polycom Phones (430 and 601) SIP
Asterisk 1.2.10
TE110P card (14 bchan, 1d)

I see no errors in the logs, and there are no problems that I see on the SPANs - It happens inconsistantly, and is exactly what the person who started this thread is saying.

I just updated the polycom firmware today, and will see if it makes any difference -

Can not seem to figure out whats causing the problem… Any assistance would be nice.

Ohh and NAT is a non issue here since all comes in the PRI and is on local network…

same problem here. i will tell you what I do which sems to temp fix things: I reboot the linux box and the polycom phones.

I hope someone can figure out what the problem is.

don’t suppose anyone has gone back through their logs to check for errors or anything like that?

turn full debug on in your messages log.

then, have your users start logging the phone numbers that this happens on, and search for that number in /var/log/asterisk/messages - you should be able to trace the program thread and get a rough idea of whats happening - you might be able to find the issue based on that alone.

if not, probably time to start doing a PRI and/or SIP debug on the console.