Sip trunk - help please

Hi everyone

I having a huge problem here with my sip trunk provider (voipPro)

That’s the deal :

SOMETIMES, i call someone and in my side the phone keeps ringing but , that someone that i am calling has already picked up the call.

So i hear ringing and the other person hears nothing off course.

another problem is that sometimes i call someone… the phone rings … in my side the call is lost (HANGUPCAUSE = 111) and in the other side keeps ringing till his answer or rejects

i’m really tired of this situation

please help me

Do some packet traces in wireshark and try to find the problem. It looks like this is a signalling issue.

It would also help if you can copy/paste the Asterisk CLI command “sip set debug on” output.

I have had similar problems to this before and it has almost always been down to insufficient resources (e.g. bandwidth)

What connection are you running?