Issue in redirecting

Hi Team,

When I am trying to redirect a channel to different context, I am getting ‘Redirect failed, channel not up.’, for some of the times, but other times its working fine.

action: Redirect
context: bridge-channel
exten: s
channel: *****
priority: 1
ActionID: **

Response: Error
ActionID: **
Message: Redirect failed, channel not up.

The above redacted information is critical to understanding the problem.

Hi David,

First of all, we are trying to join the 3 participants of a call in a conference, and after some time, when the initiator of conference, wants to leave conference, we are trying to bridge the other two participants.

For that we are executing BridgeWait() application on both of them, and then use bridge() application to join both the channels, and change their state from holding to simple bridge. And this is working fine for mostly all of the calls.

But we are facing an issue, in a few calls, where one of the channels, is still involved in softmix bridge, when redirect action to Bridge() the channels is sent. So, we are receiving the error ‘Redirect failed, channel not up.’ there.
After the response, there is an event from asterisk, that the channel is leaving conference.

This delay in leaving softmix bridge is causing the issue.

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