AMI redirect action

Hello All,

We are having some trouble with Asterisk in executing AMI redirect action. The scenario is as bellow,

  1. A call comes to queue.
  2. Once an agent answers the call, both bridged channels should be redirected to a MeetMe room.

We are executing the scenario with AMI action redirect. The redirect action will be gererated from one of our Java program logged in to AMI,

Action: redirect
Channel: SIP/202-00000010 ; Agent
ExtraChannel: SIP/210-00000011 ; Caller
Exten: 1234
Context: call-conference
Priority: 1

Dialplan looks as,
exten => 1234,1,MeetMe(1234,d1q)

So, once after the two channels are bridged (agent answer the call),the redirect action is send to AMI. Sometime the Caller channel is disconnected by asterisk and sometime it works fine. Which is not an acceptable behaviour.
Can some body please through some light in this regard.

Kind Regards,
Siemens Ltd.