Issues regarding channel bridging

We have faced an issue, where after Bridgewait() application is executed on a channel, though the channel joins holding bridge, to asterisk it is as if, the channel is in simple bridge. When three channels are joined in conference, and we execute Bridge wait() on the channels, and play music on hold for the time period, and when the channels join simple bridge, after Bridge() application is executed,the music on hold stops, and people involved in conference, can start speaking. But in this case, the channel never joined simple bridge, and after called person hung up the channel, the response received from asterisk is ’ channel left Simple Bridge’.

Can you please help us in understanding such behavior on asterisk’ end.

I don’t understand what you mean precisely. How are they in a conference and have BridgeWait() on them? Can you show a log as to what is going on? And is there an actual problem, except for seeing that there is a simple bridge?

They were in conference before bridgewait() was executed on the channels, and when the action for executing bridge(), was sent to asterisk, response showed “Redirect failed, channel not up” , and this could have probably been due to channels staying in softmix bridge, and exiting a while after hangup was done on conference, and so, when action to execute bridge() was sent, the response showed the error, as channels were already in softmix bridge. So, throughout the call ,MOH was heard on the channels,as channels were in holding bridge throughout, with no Bridge() application to change the state from holding to simple.

I still don’t have a clear picture of what is going on, so I don’t think I or anyone else can really comment.

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