ISDN Phone on Teles 16.3c HFC

Hello Board,

recently we successfully set up an asterisk installation on 4 S0 and 1 SIP channels. Our Coworkers are able to phone from home now using softphones and that works very well. Now there are some users who’d like to use their isdn equiptment. Now there is the question on HFC cards. I’ve read, that it’s possible to connect an ISDN-PBX to Asterisk via a smoothly modified ISDN cable using an NTBA.

Is it also possible to directly connect an ISDN phone via an ISDN crossed cable to an TELES 16.3c HFC card? Do I need an NTBA or can I connect directly? Is there any HOWTO on that stuff ?

I myself have an nearly 10 years old Teles 16.3c HFC … is it capable for doing like so ?

Thx in advance.