Can i asterisk config for normal isdn telephones?


ich have a ISDN Telephonebox. There are connected two analog Telephones. The box is ISDN and has a ISDN-ANALOG Converter. Now i want to include this phones in the configuration by asterisk. Is this possible?


If I understand what you want to do, you just would like to put your Asterisk between ISDN-PBX and NTBA. If this is the case, the answer is just: Sure, you can.

You just need to put two ISDN cards in your asterisk and one of them must be able to run in NT mode, so most probably it should have an HFC-S Chip on. Then it depends what calls are forwarded to your ISDN PBX or not.


what is a isdn-pbx? but i think we mean both thr same. do you have a how to do?

big thanks