Hardware Requirements

Hi There,

I am new to Asterisk and these forums so I apologise if this is the wrong place to ask this question.

Basically, we have an old SDX phone system we are looking to replace. The lines are presented as ISDN from BT with two old style BNC adapaters on the bottom of the ISDN box.

I am hoping to install Asterisk on a PC here and am looking for a suitable card / equipment which will allow me to plug the ISDN straight into the Asterisk machine.

We were thinking of:

TE121B (Single Span T1/E1/J1 PCI Express Card with Echo Cancellation)
store.digium.com/productview.php … e=1TE121BF

amazon.com/dp/B000ASB5HY?smi … nkCode=asn

Would anyone be able to help?

Many thanks

Matt Stannard[/url]

That should work, but can you not get BT to change the presentation of the ISDN-30?
I know they are a pain to deal with but it might be worth a call. New ISDN-30 is delivered on RJ45 connections.