ISDN data call trough IAX...please help me

I have a big problem
I am Italian (please exscuse my not perfect English…!)
I have installed a server with Asterisk and a Digium card TE110P.
It works perfectly!
I want to connect a Router Cisco ISDN at my PRI
I have prepared another server with a card ISDN and bristuff patch, and I have configured an S0 bus.
This second server is registered in IAX with the first server.
I want to call from S0 bus and in IAX my call is forward to PRI by first Asterisk.
It works perfecty if I make voice calls, but it doesn’t work with the router.
Is there anybody who knows how to resolve this problem?
Thank You!
Best Regards

Not sure if i understand the very problem, i got lost when it came to “S0 to IAX to first box” etc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe this helps: … al+servers

Another solution would be connecting the router to the same (first) asterisk server via a second HCF ISDN card.

I can’t connect the router to the first Asterisk, because the Bristuff patch break the libpri libraries.

I think that I can connect the HFC card on a second Asterisk (registered in IAX with the first) and connect the router at the second Asterik.

However I have seen on the CLI commands that on the first and second Asterisk the call is…SPEECH.

It seems that Asterisk don’t recognize a data call from a voice call.

I am able to make voice call in this way but non data call.

In fact the router calls the Internet Service Provider telephone number, but this call is not recognize as a data call and I’m not able to connect myself to Internet.

Thank You