Asterisk as Euro-ISDN/VoIP-Gateway

First of all: I’m a complete Newbie regarding VoIP-PBX.

I’m trying to use asterisk@home (a@h) as an isdn-voip gateway. My setup consists of a server with an integrated billion-isdn pci-card running a@h, a BRI (country: Switzerland), a Grandstream BudgeTone-100 VoIP-Phone (BT100) and another PC running X-Lite.

I configured two extensions using the a@h webinterface and calling from BT100 to the X-Lite (and vice versa) works flawless.

Now I’m trying to get isdn-calls routed through the a@h-box to one of my voip-phones. I tried to tinker around in the “trunks” and “incoming calls” section of AMP (asterisk management portal), but couldn’t get it to work. I also tried to play around with modems.conf, but that didn’t help either.

Can you show me the big picture on how to get it running or point me to a website where someone allready solved this problem? I don’t need a step-by-step tutorial, but something like a general overview on what to look for and how to get the job done.

Thanks a lot for your kind help!


Try on extensions.conf


exten => number of DID,1,Goto(your context,s,1)