Is zaptel needed for Asterisk installation

I’m wanting to know if ZAPTEL is required if:

  • CENTOS 4.4
  • Asterisk 1.2.x
  • No PCI Zap devices.

Im installing a Asterisk box which will only be dealing with IAX and SIP calls. Do I still need ZAPTEL for timing?

I’ve tried to instal but it doesnt create the udev/zap dir. I’m using udev and followed the readme in the zaptel installation.


If you want to use conferences features for sip users u have to install other wise you can go with plain asterisk installtion

Then I have a problem. When I try to install ZAPTEL the make and make install seems to go ok but the /dev/zap isn’t created.

I been looking around and thought it might be to do with the udev change, however, I applied the changes as suggested in the readme and still not directory in either /dev/zap or /udev/zap.

I’m at a complete loss, does anyone have any ideas?

HI you are building i the correct order ?
and you have checked spinlock.h ?

and you do have the correct kernel loaded and zaptel compiled against it.


I’ve installed in order:


I did the spinlock.h fix, udev readme, I have the corrort source code for the kernel-smp-devel, 2.6.9-42.0.10.EL-smp-i686.

The strange thing is, I have installed asterisk several times, however, in the past I’ve always had a PRI card installed. Then everything seemed to work fine.

I also created the symbolic link to the kernel-smp-devel under linux in the /usr/src, which is again odd bececause i dont remember doing that in the past.

Any ideas?