Asterisk Door bell dial plan

Hi all,
I am very newbe in VOIP and asterisk. I am trying to make a audio door bell with the help of asterisk. I have Linksys Pap2 device and two normal phone sets are connected to this device and the device is also connected with my home router.

I have installed raspbx in my raspberry pi device and making it a voip server for Automation. Lets say, I have phone1 at door and phone2 in the room. Now I want to dial phone via programming like scripts and originate a call to phone1. Then, Phone1 dials phone2 which is in my room. When I pickup the phone, the phone on other side i.e. phone1 should automatically answer and can be communicated two way.

What I am achieving so far is that, I can programatically originate call and phone2 is ringing. When I pickup phone2 then, phone2 calls phone1 and phone1 is ringing afterwards. Now I want to pickup phone1 automatically so that person at door don’t need to pickup it up to talk.

Would you please help me to design the correct Dial Plan for this. So that, one of the extension is automatically answered if another extension dials phone via originate command.

I have already searched a lot in internet and couldn’t find the correct solution.

Your help would be highly appreciated.

thank you.

I believe you are going to be limited by the hardware you are using.

The phones you have are analog and they are plugged into the PAP2T that’s converting them to SIP.

There isn’t a way to send a signal to the PAP2T that’ll make the analog phone answer.

If you had an IP phone like a Yealink, Polcyom, Aastra/Mitel, or Grandstream there is a command you can use to send an ‘answer now’ event that would cause the phone to answer on speakerphone.

There isn’t a way of remotely forcing an analogue phone to answer at all!

Thank you guys for your prompt response