Is that a Sin? To achieve our Dreams

Dear Members,
You might have crossed my username handle before. For the past two months I have been constantly struggling to install asterisk and in a belief of achieving my dream of making a personal IVR system for myself.

You know:
Something like the below:
“Welcome to Prabhakaran’s Interactive Voice Response Service”
“If you are a HR Press 1”
“If it’s a Marketing Call Press 2”
And the Menu goes like this…

Last time, I had trouble on Network setup as it was just in CentOS Minimal. Now I have installed whole CentOS 8 on my system. So everything is alright but the windows 10 was gone from the boot list. It is showing only CentOS and CentOS recovery but no windows. How to get my windows 10 back along with CentOS 8 also, as in a dual boot. Please Help. Why this happens only to me. Is that a Sin? To achieve what we want to do…

With Hope

I have to make my PC ready to do my recently joined Office somehow on Monday Morning.

This is nothing related to Asterisk, so I guess you wont get help to achieve your deam if tis is the issue

Although not an Asterisk issue, the question is if your boot menu is wrong or if you clobbered the Windows partition.

Booting to a ‘live’ (USB or CD) Linux distro should give you the tools you need.

I’d start with 'fdisk' to see if you still have a Windows partition.

If not, you are probably toast and you should focus on recovering whatever files are of value to you that may not have been written over by the CentOS installation.

If you still have a Windows partition, start ‘Googling’ on what a multi-boot ‘grub’ menu should look like.

Good luck.

For future reference, a Raspberry Pi with a power supply and a case should only be about US$50 or so and provide a better ‘sandbox’ than a box you care about.

Plus, you can leave it running 24x7 without incurring a huge electric bill, which is important in San Diego, CA where we get screwed for US$0.30+ per KWH!

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