Newbie question

Hi, I am interested in using Asterisk.

I am an ex-telecoms engineer so am familiar with configuring PABXs such as Avaya IP Office - so I do not envisage config to be a problem.

I have a linux box (Suse 9.1) but very little knowledge of linux. This is where I expect big problems because I don’t really understand the linux process of installing/compiling software. Are my fears founded? I want to get on with getting the system working, not spends ages struugling with the install.

Is there an off the shelf version of Asterisk or an Asterisk linux distro, that would make it easier for me?

Any advice for a newbie who’s stuggles outside of windows.


Oh just one more thing - I have just discovered @home BUT I see that it erases the HD. I would like to install asterisk on a partition on a dual boot pc.

Anyone there???

Sometimes the really straightforward questions get skipped by everyone for the more compex one’s here - don’t let it deter you. There’s a good group here, and especially on the Asterisk@Home forums.

Your best bet to get started with Asterisk with the minimum of issues and maximum of benefits is to start with the Asterisk@Home self-installing distro as you found.

When you boot the CD there is an option to customize the partitioning and usage of partitions, rather than the default that overwrites the entire drive. This should assist your dual boot needs.