Is it possible to

I’m completely new to VoIP and using a SIP phone but keen to learn.

I have a Linux server and a SIP number.

Is it possible to use Asterix and any other component to route the SIP number (when receiving a call) to one or more Skype numbers?

Thanks in advance


Skype can do that. Microsoft’s licensing and the secrecy around Skype make it very difficult for anyone else to do so legally.

Note that Asterisk isn’t listed as supported. I suspect they will never list an open source client. I don’t know if they are strict about only using their approved clients.

It is not clear whether Skype users can be called and if so whether that is free, although there does seem to be a standing charge for the service as a whole.

i am not sure what you mean by routing your sip number to skype - but as David says i have skype working fine with asterisk

they dont’ list it as supported - but i find that they are quite helpful (if you get the the right chat department)

we had some issues with Cisco firewall that was messing up the skype connect but it’s all working well now.

I have purchased a Freetalk Connect Me, one of these:

…and when it gets here will try connecting it to an FXO port on my Digium TDM400P card and see how it works, and will report back.

I asked on a couple of these forums (fora? forii?) whether anyone had done that and got no reply, so I guess I’m blazing new trails, or something. :slight_smile:

And Sam, please do us a favor… when you post, please make the Subject: line more informative than “Is it possible to…” … is it possible to what? Much easier if we have a vague idea what your question is about from looking at the Subject: line, without having to drill down to your question itself.


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