Skype and Asterisk

So, there is a bounty to make skype work with asterisk…
And there is considerable interest,
But, the only evidence that a running skype can’t be made to work, through it’s API, with asterisk is

Has anything moved on since then? Does anybody in this forum know “if not, why not”?



Skype probable works with asterisk only connecting a skype gateway after fxo so you can make calls with skypeout and coexist with a hard or soft phone.

So, the proposed solution is an FXO card (dont get me started on that one), then a WINDOZ box (has to be, none of the skype phones I can find work on Linux), then a skype phone connector, plugged back into the asterisk box.

Nice. so, rather than being a free download, it’s a $100s “wet string” solution.

However, the fact that it’s possible adds to the bewilderment about why Skype themselves dont simply support Asterisk. Asterisk is a PBX, Skype is a VoIP carrier… where’s the conflict?



'cos we’re waiting for you to tell us oh wise one.

or maybe no-one else is that interested in skype. seriously though, i think there’s also some licence issue that may be slowing it down.

Skype takes a whole lot of processing compared to SIP with g.711 or g.729 codecs. If I ran the Skype client on my old PC (1GHZ Dell with 500MB RAM), it could not do much else. My current PC is better, but not a whole lot. The “solution” would be for Skype to support SIP - but then it wouldn’t be Skype anymore.

On somewhat of a sidenote, I must say that Skype’s call quality is fantastic. Better than any SIP call i’ve had. At least for the person at the other end anyway…

You DO get something for all the processing on a PC.

I would rather have high levels of processing on the PC as opposed to low quality calls. Jitter and latency were non-existent with skype, with my 1.5mb connection with a budgetone 101, people at the other end often compain about bad quality. I’m not ruling out the 101 as the primary reason for this though…:stuck_out_tongue:.

I have had latency with Skype - which is really a result of network delay. Jitter, or more specifically “choppy voice” seems to be reduced in Skype by adding more latency - the PC waits for all the packets to show up before sending the audio to the headset. At this point, I use SIP on Stanaphone for calls that I used Skype for before - it works with more devices other than just a PC.

Well here we go, at least the door is now open… … devel.html