Is it possible to use Asterisk without local database?

Hi everybody :slight_smile:

we are currently using 8 Asterisk’s with 15 sip Accounts in the same private network. Therefore we use a central Database-Server which replicates in real-time to every local Asterisk-Database.
Frequently an error occurs which interrupts the real-time replication.

To apply new concern conditions we want to unite every sip account to 1 Asterisk in a private cloud. The central database server will be “right beside” the Asterisk.
To ensure telephony can be restored during a server fault, we will run a second Asterisk with the same configuration in stand-by.

Is it possible to use Asterisk without local database, by query the central database?
It would have 2 benefits:

  1. This would end the replication error.
  2. In case we have to use the back-up Asterisk we do not have to replicate the current database before we can use it.

Thanks in advance for every answer


First of all, I do encourage you do work further on replication and clustering for your database. Secondly, yes it is possible to use external databases. What back-end are you using?

For instance, for MySql you can have something like below, in your res_config_mysql:
dbhost =
dbname = asteriskdb
dbuser = asteriskuser
dbpass = somethingverylong
dbport = 3306

What is your configuration?

Are you referring to the local astdb instance in /var/lib/asterisk/astdb or some other database?

Thanks for answering, I will try that :slight_smile:
We are using mysqli so it should work

Currently this file only exist with the ending .sqlite3
I think this refers to the local database.

I would look at using something like glusterfs and placing the astdb on it.

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