Is Asterisk the right solution for me?

Hi, I’m looking around searching for a solution to my needs. I’ll explain quickly what we need to do.

We have an existing adobe flex application that manages customers, and we want to allow them to call us whenever there is a problem.
What we would like to do is receive calls directly from within the flex app, but we know this is hard due to the facts that sip/voip and adobe flash do not use same codecs and such.
So we took another direction that needs to have a softphone open on every computer of the call center. Everytime there is an incoming call we need to notify the call center operator (with a popup inside the flex app) and let him answer, refuse or transfer the call (he should be able to do this inside the flex app, without having him use the softphone).

So to make it short we need a software able to :

[]Have at least basic ACD functionalities[/]
[]Call an URL on our server everytime there is an incoming call, so that our server can notify our app[/]
[]Have a set of APIs or remote calls to answer, refuse or transfer an incoming call[/]
[]Have a set of APIs or remote calls to make outbound calls by specifying the phone number to call[/]

Do you think Asterisk could be good for us? It’s primary not to have our call center operator use the softphone.
Thanks in advance


Asterisk has built-in call queueing (app_queue) with different distribution strategies and agent login/out functions (chan_agent). It should match basic ACD requirements.

Call URL upon incoming call:
It might be accomplished by AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) in the asterisk dialplan to invoke external php/c/script, etc which controls your adobe application.

API for call management:
At the same time, an external program can send commands to Asterisk via AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) to dialout, hangup call, etc.

Thanks, I’ll look into AGI and AMI. :smile:

Try the “red5 plugin” for “openfire”, that is realy a nice flash sip phone.

You just simply post call me link on the you support page, and people can leave message or call online support.