Develop an end-point party application

should I use fast Agi or manager APi , to build an application that would be able to initiate call, talk receive call, record , …, ( in other words to function main phone functions) that is connected to Asterisk PBX,

in addition the calls could internal or external calls,

Or there exists some other ways to allow the application to!!

Thanks in advance, :smile:

You are not being specific enough. Do you want a party line ? What exact options do you want ?

Hi Dovid,

where exactly I was not specific!,

I need to know what is probably I should I use if I want to enable my application to initiate calls and receive call, to interact like an end point of a call (either caller, called),

any suggestions, please!

Sorry. It may just be that I am understanding your English well. Do you want something to connect to Asterisk to initiate calls ? Are you looking for information on a web interface ?

it is OK,
I want to develop an application that can call a soft phone for example , or hard sip phone,
the idea is I am using Asterisk as my PBX, and I want to enable my application to talk to the Asterisk,

in other word to build a soft phone that use the ASterisk PBx by default
and I am asking about what API shouldI use in my application, what API’s it should use basically ( from developing point of view)!

hope I made clearer now !

Ok. From what I understand you want to create your own soft phone or an API that will talk with Asterisk ? If you want to create a phone there are a lot of free ones out there that work well. For the API Asterisk has one built in.