Help Avaya 4610sw with Asterisk

Hello everyone!
I just bought an used Avaya 4610sw phone, I’ve installed a lot of diferent phones on my Asterisk, It is very simple, you just have to find the phone’s Ip address, copy that address on your browser and Voila! you have a nice easy to use web interface, so I was very surprised when I found out how hard is to set up one of this phones
Can anybody guide my through the process?
I am downloading the SIP firmware, and TFTP server
Does anybody have a configuration txt file, that succefully worked on your Asterisk, and want to share it with me? or someone who can at least help me to make my own?
How to upgrade to the SIP firnmware? Using the TFTP server?

Does anybody have a success history with one of this phones and Asterisk?

Any other thing that I should know?