Avaya IP Phones problem with Asterisk?

We have Avaya 4621SW phones. They work perfectly with Asterisk, after around 12 hours they lose their registration with the server, and stop functioning. If you log out and back in on the phone, all is well for another 12 hours.

The only information that has come out of debugs is once the phone stops working, we will occasionally see an “Invalid SIP Registration State” message related to the IP of the phone.

Any have any thoughts?

Thank you,

The solution for me was to change to asterisk 1.6.0 (I’m currently on 1.6.1). I have some phones that do lose registration every couple of weeks or so now though.

Do you have a walk through for getting those phones working? I have some of those phones and want to use them with asterisk as well.

It’s been awhile since I set this up. You will need a tftp and/or http server. I got a lot of information from avayausers.com. Do a search for 46xxsettings.txt and 46xxupgrade.scr files on it and your favorite search engine. Also do a search for “Mute” commands for the avaya phones. One you will need is mute 744 (aka SIG) and change it to SIP. Mute 2337 (addr), 564633 (logoff) and 73738 (reset) are the other ones I remember using.

Can you tell me how far you have gotten with them so far? I’m not sure what you need to know. I’ll try to see if I can create a walk through. I’m a windows administrator, so Linux (and Asterisk too) is still somewhat of a mystery to me. And some of what I did/do uses windows.

I still have some issues though. Paging is one, so if you have a fix for paging though the speaker that would really be nice. And another thing, you can’t use * or # for any dial commands. That will be something else to keep in mind.

thanks everybody but as i m using a gxe grandstream will it be possible to upgrade my asterisk do u think that after all it ll be getting working .??

@greg* could u provide a walk through of how to solve the problem using a tftp server or web server as u said?

thanks to all still lookin forward to get ur replies…

For a windows tftp server, download 3cdv2r10.zip from
support.3com.com/software/utilit … 32_bit.htm

Or download the avaya tftp server also available where you get the firmware updates.

Download the latest firmware updates and documentation for the 4621sw phones from
support.avaya.com/css/appmanager … 2754378092
(46xxH323_030909.zip and 46xxSIP_upgrade_030909.zip is what I downloaded)

Download 46xxsettings.txt from support.avaya.com/css/appmanager … 0372125345

You may need to modify the 46xxsettings.txt for your enviorment.

Then, using the tftp software, setup the tftp download directory and extract the zip files into it. If you are using static ip addressing on your phones, set the “FileSv” entry to the ip address of the tftp server and reboot the phone.

I don’t know anything about a gxe grandstream. If it’s a sip voip phone, then yes it should work just fine with asterisk 1.6. If it’s the ippbx, then I have no idea.

Lots of good information is available from avayausers.com/index.php

I know this is an old thread but I was wondering if anyone still has a copy of the latest firmware for 4621SW SIP? I have a 4621SW that I need to setup for SIP and I can’t find the firmware anywhere. Avaya has removed it completely from their FTP server.