Is Asterisk right for this project?

I haven’t used Asterisk before, but from what I’ve read on the forum and site so far, it seems that it will be good for what I need to do - I thought I’d ask the forum directly and see if anyone had any opinions or advice.

Let me just outline the process I need to happen:

  1. Supervisor calls automated system or makes request on a web app for someone to come to work in place of an absent employee.

  2. System starts calling through a database supplied list of potential people

  3. System needs to accept response from callee as to whether or not they can come to work and either:

3-A. Call the next person on the list if they indicate no - OR -
3-B. Call the supervisor back and inform them who will be coming in.

Finally, if I’m understanding all that I’ve read so far, I could presumably do all this with just a web server and a VOIP account (and Asterisk and one or more plug-ins)?

Yes, Asterisk, a voip account, a web server are all what you need, just configure the system in the right way; I would use an sql server to manage the list of workers and the php language for web pages and Asterisk agi scripts.


Marco Bruni