Asterisk integration


I need to integrate Asterisk and a web application. Basically, I’m going to have a phone number where employees can call and leave a voicemail.
This number must ask for an employee number and a password.
That information is going to be storage on a databse (MySQl)… so I need that when the server recevies a call, it asks for credentials and then check them against the database.

My application is a combination of php in the back-end, and Flex in the front.

Please let me know if you think this is possible in Aterisk and how can I program this functionality.

Any ideas will be very apreciated.

Thanks In advance.

It is very possible in asterisk. You have a few options. Program it all in AGI using php and have it do all of the logic and connect to the database(Since you are already using it and are familiar with the language). Or use either the MySQL backend or func_odbc for connecting to the database directly from within asterisk.

Here are some links to get you started. … +func_odbc