Is * a feasible Internet call audio conference solution?

I am looking to build a software package that would offer AUDIO conferencing for up to 35 parties. I would develop a UI to make Internet calls and then have Asterisk manage the audio conference between parties.

Is Asterisk the right solution for this? If not, what do you recommend?


See: … fBridge+10

Malcolm, that is helpful information. But after reading, I am still not seeing the big picture. Can ConfBridge perform this audio conferencing from IP devices? Can IP devices (PC, iPad, etc) connect to ConfBridge via unique URL and then audio conference?

You can address it with a SIP: URL, but you will need a SIP client (IP telephone) rather than a web browser (some clients may register the SIP scheme with the local web browser, or equivalent of Windows shellexecute).

Extremely helpful answer, David.