Can Asterisk do six party conference call?

I know nothing about Asterisk at the moment. We have an embedded application and we need to connect up to six analog phones in a conference call over VOIP. i.e. We have a network of nodes connected using ethernet and each node has an analog phone. We need to allow up to six phones (the more the better) to connect in a conference call using VOIP.
Can this be done on a board with an ARM micro and maybe embedded Linux? Any idea how much development time it would take and how powerful the hardware needs to be?

Yes, it can be done. One of Asterisk’s best capabilities is the bridging and mixing of audio for multiple participants.

I do not have any advice to offer on time to market or specific hardware requirements. You’ll need to fully define your application and do your own testing. The more you ask it to do (complex transcodes, recordings, etc,), the more resource you’ll consume.

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