IP trunking solution, is it possible?

Ours is a new Utility, Power company. Our company acquired several functioning power companies in 8 countries around the world. These companies already have their own in-house PABX systems, make and model no. of these PABXs varies from country to country. Our headquater at Oslo uses its own PABX system. In order to reduce telephone expentiture we are now considering linking the PABXs of our daughter companies located at different country over Internet (IP trunking), we would like keep the internal calls internal (within the company network). We have an MPLS 2/2 mbps WAN connecting all our office around the globe.

We do not have the resource to carry out R&D on PABX system, we would like to know if a readymade solution/service is available.

Thanks in Advance,
IT Handy Man
Oslo, Norway

I would say it is possible to do so. If you had and asterisk based solution at all th branch offices. I suppose you can replace your existing systems with an asterisk based one and then many forms of IPtrunking are available. Or you could put an asterisk system in front of your existing system and figure out how to hook each of them into the asterisk server.

You would also want to be concerned on the bandwidth if you are going to be sending many calls across the WAN links.

Hi, Thanks for your reply. Can you please suggest any reliable solution/service provider? Preferably someone with local support at Oslo.

Sorry as I am in “the states” (for better or worse :wink: ) I cannot recommend a local service provider. Perhaps a post in the Job section would illicit some response. Good Luck.