Re: Asterisk and PABX combine? create trunk line?


I’m seeking for help with my problems on asterisk

Actually, This is the first time I’ve setup asterisk server. We have 11 branches nationwide and they are all connected using vpn. I’ve established asterisk as plain voip and assign locals to all branches (locals 201,301,401 . . .). We bought Sipura 1001 ATA adapter so that we can use the existing analog phones and fax machine. It works fine!

My questions is, we have existing PABX in head ofc where also our asterisk server is located. Is there a possibility that can we combine existing PABX to asterisk because we wanted the incoming call from outside be transfer also to our voip phones. We avoid removing existing PABX to minimize cost of buying IP phones or ATA adapter.

Next question is, is there also a possibility to create a trunk line within the company only. I mean without concern of telco provider.

Thanks! … ntegration

if by ‘trunk line’, you mean utilizing VOIP to call between your branch offices, then yes, asterisk excels in this area.

what you’d probably want to do is utilize the IAX protocol (or SIP, if you wanted, since you have everyone connected via a VPN) to connect each server to each other. then, you’d set your dialplan up to recognize that all calls starting with the number 2 go to branch 2, etc.

there are numerous examples ou there, and it works perfectly…best of all, your calls across the country will be free! set up an asterisk box in each local office, tie it into the PSTN there, and make local calls to that area from ANY of your branch offices - that is one of the major benefits of VOIP and local termination…


Thanks for immediate response!

i will visit the url you’ve given.

regarding trunk, i mean for example we have 6 telephone numbers and we wanted only one number to called. When you apply to a telco a trunk line additional fees will be charged for every telephone numbers you will include on a trunk. That’s what I want to know if we can make it in asterisk without applying or registering it to a telco provider.

so multiple numbers would terminate to one end-point, ie, somebody could call any one of 6 PSTN numbers and they would all terminate to the same line coming into your premises?

sure, asterisk can handle that…although i think that is more a function of the telco. your ITSP should be able to port those numbers to connect to your account…you should be able to connect as many numbers as you want to one line.

at least that’s my understanding.

Thanks! I appreciate it very much!