Interrogating a PBX system and logging data

I am looking for software to perform repeated call-ins to a PBX system, already set up, to interrogate the system and capture voice data and subsequently covert to text for system analysis (through excel). Does Asterisk or one of the community plugins provide a solution for this use case?

Specifically, my company has purchased a sensaphone 1800 system which remotely alerts (calls out if equipment is in an alarm state) as well as allows call-ins for status on equipment in the field (measurement data); however, the information is provided through a synthesized voice which can take several minutes per call to gather the required data manually. I would like to set up a system to call into the sensaphone, once a minute, to capture the voice data (i.e. System status and measurement data), convert the information to a text file and ultimately end up with a excel file to graph the data in order to provide a time history of the equipment being monitored by the sensaphone.

I am new to Asterisk and PBX systems in general and would appreciate any help the community may have in regards to the feasibility of creating code to perform this function or putting me in touch with a turn-key solution that meets these needs. I realize the voice to text conversion may be a huge stumbling block, but since I’ve recently encountered some pretty sophisticated robocalling bots that are able to do this real time I figured that I would pulse the community for available solutions. Let me know if you have any questions regarding my use case.

Asterisk can make the calls and capture the audio, but you will need third party software or service for voice recognition.

I don’t know how well commercial voice recognition products will cope with synthesized voices, even though they are very repeatable

What software would you suggest to create the system that would work for this use case? Any suggestions would be very helpful to point me in the right direction.