Internal Calls Only - Outbound Calls Not Required


I am trying to configure Asterisk 1.4 running on Ubuntu to be able to handle internal, LAN calls only. I have no interest in making calls over the PSTN. Unfortunately, I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to Asterisk, and even Linux.

I currently have version 1.4 installed along with the GUI and everything seems ok at this point. I can access the GUI via the server IP. I think I am now ready to configure Dial Plans/Trunks etc. should they be required. I can’t seem to be able to set-up a new user/extension without selecting a Dial Plan (in the GUI at least).

The Asterisk server is connected via Ethernet to a Cisco switch shared with two other PC’s (my end devices which will run a VoIP client to make calls) and the switch goes to a Cisco router.

If anyone is able to assist in what my next step should be, I would be grateful. Can this even be done? Or do I require some hardware?

Thanks in advance.

If the GUI is AsteriskNow, please use the AsteriskNow forum.

With the basic Asterisk, it would be quite difficult to accidentally allow outgoing external calls. You should set allowguest to no, in sip.conf, and use secure passwords and firewall rules to prevent incoming ones.

I can’t imagine the GUI would force you to configure one of the GUI’s Trunk abstractions in every configuration.

Apologies - the GUI buttons were not responding in Goole Chrome. I switched to Firefox and it all seems ok and I am able to get a softphone on the network ‘on hook’.

I don’t think it is AsteriskNOW that I have installed. I installed Asterisk 1.4 and then went and checked out and installed the GUI later.

Thank you for the reply anyway.