External calls when the Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP = no


I’ve got following issue:

Trunk between servers configured, if Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP = yes - calls pass.

But the task is to move Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP to No and save the ability to call.

Is it possible? I would like to put external network Or address of another server somewhere in the configuration and establish a connection. But I do not know what to write and where. Google has not helped for now.

Any help is appreciated.

And more. When calling - the logs show that the second server is trying to ring. A telephone answering machine says that the number is not in service.

I presume you are talking about allowguest. You need to ask this on a forum about the GUI that uses the long name.

If you can reduce it to a simple Asterisk dialplan problem, without the GUI, the correct forum would be Asterisk Support.

One would actually need to see the configuration, on both sides, to be able to work out what is wrong.