Forward Externally

Hi, I am experiencing asterisk. Installed on a CentOS 5 and got a SIP account. I think i managed to register the SIP account to the asterisk. Now i like to configure asterisk to forward calls to an external number when not available after ringing for 15 secs. What hardware do i require. Where can I read up to configure this? Or if possible, someone tell me how to go about it.


Do you just have Asterisk or Asterisk@Home or Trixbox?


just asterisk. Or should i use the ones you had mentioned?


if you install asterisk for the first time then it might be difficult to find your way around. Asteris@Home or Trixbox can give you a GUI front end for the asterisk. Just google Asterisk@Home or Trixbox and you should be able to get a lot of tutorials about installing it.

However, if you have asterisk installed properly and your extensions are all working fine, dialling *92 from an extension will allow you to activate call forwarding on no answer.