Internal Caller ID Name

When I make calls using X-Lite, the name configured in X-Lite is what the software uses to notify the user who’s calling. In a standard PBX, that change needs to be made on the server. This way the names of the users can be controlled by an administrator. I want away to make that change on the server with asterisk, so basic users cannot change their name.

Also, is there away to get the voicemail user name from the same place as I am asking for the phone user name? This way, if someone gets fired, or changes extensions, the name change would only be a 1 step process.


  1. in sip.conf, set
    callerid=“Their Name”
    and it will override whatever they have set.

  2. in theory if you were using realtime database this could be possible. I know next to nothing about SQL so this could be way off (someone help me out here), but in theory you could have one centralized users table which would include asterisk fields, which it would pick off as it needed them. Or perhaps you could alias columns to another table? I’m just theoretically guessing here. But the idea is then your change is one step, just edit the company database and their extension immediately ceases to exist.

Thank you for the reply. I would LOVE it if there was a SQL solution to having a central location for users names and their matching extension. Anyone know if this is possible?

Asterisk@home flavor of the Asterisk installation keeps agents in the mySQL database and uses a gui to add/remove and update extensions. You can also mod the database (although its a little tricky) to make changes as well.