Where are the Caller ID names

im gonna try to go straight to my question trying to not get too long and not being too n00b.

1st of all, at my company we got the Following setup: a Dell Server R510, running CentOs and Asterisk, one of our card providers tell us that on of these two cards (TE121B, AEX2403EF) screw our graphical interfase so everything must handle manually, the server its working, and without any problem…
The first problem is that our voip expert employ just quit!! and im all alone with that, so i manage to read the two key books everybody should know, elastix without tears wich is too related with graphical interface (wich i dont have access to) and im working on finish the ‘asterisk the future of telephony’.

So i got the basics i think, im a developer so its not too scary browsing conf files, or moving inside linux, i already access the mysql database i got root access to the whole thing so i just need to do a simple task:

The extension 5502 was used by Administration now is used by Security i would like to rename the caller id from administration to security so when security calls some one in their Caller id says ‘Security’ and not administration anymore.

The big question is:
'Where are the caller id names"

This is what i tryed so far:

  • in the asterisk mysql database, i modify the name in the users table
  • in the asterisk mysql database, i modify the description in the devices table
    none of this work…

on the extensions_additional.conf got the following:

include => from-queue-exten-only-custom

exten => 5502,1,Set(RingGroupMethod=none)
exten => 5502,n,Macro(record-enable,5502,IN)
exten => 5502,n,Macro(dial-one,${DIAL_OPTIONS},5502)
exten => 5502,n,Hangup

include => ext-local-custom

exten => 5502,1,Macro(exten-vm,novm,5502)
exten => 5502,n,Goto(${IVR_CONTEXT},return,1)
exten => 5502,hint,SIP/5502&Custom:DND5502

And i check every file on the directory and can’t see where to find the way to solve this task, so i try something different i open the phone web administrator, got yealink phones, and on the panel i change the name and success!! eeerr nop it only changes the name on the phone display if you dial someone it still says ‘Administration’.

I just need a clue on where to do this. since non or the trys i made work…


sip.conf (provided that its a sip phone)

find the account for the phone and change the callerid.

callerid="Security Desk <8290>"

Thanks for your time and your help mazzic, so i start by opening the sip.conf file and found like nothing about our internal extensions however it says include sip_additional.conf and there we have a list of all our internal extensions… got a lot of blocks like the following…

callerid=device <5502>

so i start trying to change the part that says callerid=device <5502> and put callerid=“Security Desk <5502>” i try with and without quotation, i also try to reload after everychange on the CL of asterisk and looks like nothing happen

again thanks for your time and your help