Realtime with different 'user name' vs. 'auth name'

Using Asterisk, with realtime is in general OK.

My objective is to use a different ‘User name’ vs.‘Authorization user name’ (to use terms from the X-lite phone).

I populate the ‘sip_buddies’ table and with ‘name’ = 105 (I assume that is authname ?)

If both ‘User name’ and ‘Authorization user name’ (in X-lite phone) are the same (‘105’), then register is OK. I can however not change the ‘Authorization user name’, nor the ‘User name’ to something else.

What field in ‘sip_buddies’ table should ‘User name’ go, and in what field should the ‘Authorization user name’ be in to make this work ?

I have also created extensions for the numbers to be used in table ‘extensions’ .

I have tried other (soft) phones with same result. I have tried different version of the ‘sip’ table with the same result.

I assume I am not filling in the correct parameters in the ‘sip_buddies’ table ?? :blush:

Please help !

extconfig.conf :
sipusers => mysql,general,sip_buddies
sippeers => mysql,general,sip_buddies
extensions => mysql,general,extensions
voicemail => mysql,general,voicemessages
queues => mysql,general,queues
queue_members => mysql,general,queue_members

I have used the database schema found at : ‘asterisk-’ and created a similar table named it ‘sip_buddies’.

Table sip_buddies then looking like
CREATE TABLE sip_buddies (
id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
name varchar(40) NOT NULL default ‘’,
type enum(‘friend’,‘peer’,‘user’) NOT NULL default ‘friend’,
defaultuser varchar(40) default NULL,
fromuser varchar(40) default NULL,
fromdomain varchar(40) default NULL,
secret varchar(40) default NULL,
md5secret varchar(40) default NULL,
auth varchar(10) default NULL,
mailbox varchar(20) default NULL,
subscribemwi varchar(10) default NULL,
vmexten varchar(20) default NULL,
callerid varchar(40) default NULL,
cid_number varchar(40) default NULL,
callingpres enum(‘unavailable’,‘prohib’,‘prohib_failed_screen’,‘prohib_passed_screened’,‘prohib_not_screened’,‘allowed’,‘allowed_failed_screen’,‘allowed_passed_screen’,‘allowed_not_screened’) default ‘allowed_passed_screen’,
usereqphone enum(‘yes’,‘no’) default ‘no’,
language varchar(10) default NULL,
incominglimit varchar(10) default NULL,
context varchar(40) NOT NULL default ‘’,
subscribecontext varchar(40) default NULL,
amaflags varchar(20) default NULL,
accountcode varchar(20) default NULL,
musicclass varchar(20) default NULL,
mohsuggest varchar(20) default NULL,
allowtransfer varchar(20) default NULL,
callgroup varchar(20) default NULL,
pickupgroup varchar(20) default NULL,
autoframing varchar(10) default NULL,
disallow varchar(20) default ‘all’,
allow varchar(20) default NULL,
maxcallbitrate varchar(15) default NULL,
host varchar(40) default ‘dynamic’,
outboundproxy varchar(40) default NULL,
ipaddr varchar(20) NOT NULL default ‘’,
defaultip varchar(20) default NULL,
port int(6) NOT NULL default ‘0’,
fullcontact varchar(40) default NULL,
insecure varchar(20) default NULL,
qualify varchar(15) default NULL,
regseconds int(11) NOT NULL default ‘0’,
regexten varchar(20) default NULL,
regserver varchar(20) default NULL,
rtptimeout varchar(15) default NULL,
rtpholdtimeout varchar(15) default NULL,
rtpkeepalive varchar(15) default NULL,
lastms int(11) NOT NULL default ‘-1’,
setvar varchar(200) default NULL,
useragent varchar(255) default NULL,
KEY host (host,port),
KEY ipaddr (ipaddr,port)