Asterisk and intercom systems?


Is there a method of hooking up an asterisk box to a existing PA/intercom system? Ya know, the ceiling speakers?? I imagine it would be a SIP to intercom adapter??

Thanks in advance, Derek

CyberData sells stuff like that. A bit pricey tho.

You could use the sound card in the computer and plug the speaker output into your existing intercom/pager system. Works for me…

You can also use a junky IP phone. You set it to auto answer and you hook up the wire from the handset to the PA.

use a FXS channel set page to dial the ext on the FXS pair connect a bogen TAM B it will answer like a set and connect tp the paging system

What is a “bogen TAM B” ?

Tam B is made by Bogen compay its a telphone Paging interface

I have 10 servers setup in diferent offices and that how I do paging

analog FXS port setup as a ext the TAM B imulates a set then connects to a paging system



Lots of options! Thank you all.

I have a PA system working very well using a Linksys SPA942 phone and the headset connection to the aux input. I will provide more details if you want.