Integration Betwen Nortal PBX To Asterisk PBX

1)How To Configure Nortal PBx To Asterisk PBX.

2)My Scenarion is Pri Line Is Comming in direct in Nortal EPBX PRI Card And Then Comming in Asterisk Server PRI Card.(Nortal PBx use Coaxial Cable)using sG.703 Balun convertre. Asterisk Server Pri Card Use Digium TE110P.

3)right now Nortal pbx and Asterisk pbx Both side display green Light means it’s Ok but… call are not comming and going for Asterisk PBX . After One Ring Call is Hangup…

Pls Help me what is Required Nortal PBX ANd Asterisk PBX integration…

How have you configured system.conf and chan_dahdi.conf on asterisk?
You have to have same channel encoding, switch type on both the sides. Make sure only one end act as a Master for clocking.
Also perform PRI debug (Q931 troubleshooting) to gather more information.

It would be easier to help if you share your existing Nortel and Asterisk configuration.

Which Nortel? MICS, Norstar, M1, Option 11 - 81?

Assuming you are on an option switch, do you have your NTPs? You will absolutely need them. Setting up the Nortel side is a very specific step-by-step, and cannot be done incorrectly without devastating results. {Triple-Negative… Don’t do it on a Monday night…}

Thing 1… The telco is the master clock reference… so whatever box the telco is hooked to should be the PRI Master.

Thing 2… One would think Nortel’s DMS100 would be the preferred protocol when hooking up with a Nortel switch, but I’ve had consistently better results using ATT ESS5 {sometimes called LucentE5} sort-of like having a neutral third party in the negotiation…

Thing 3… Even though the NTPs claim that you could possibly use the CHG command in these matters… It’s a lie, like the MOV command… Don’t do it… OUT and then EDD then NEW.

Best of luck to you…