Asterisk and PRI T1

I am trying to get Asterisk to emulate the server side of a T1. I want to setup a phone on asterisk and make a call out the PRI card - into a PRI card on another pbx and ring a phone on that end. My PBX has to be set to slave/client mode for the clocking. How can I setup asterisk to push the clock settings to the PBX? At least I think thats why its not working. asterisk -rx pri shows provisioned but down. Any thoughts (beside WHY?)

root@ibox:~# asterisk -rx “pri show span 1”
– Remote UNIX connection
Primary D-channel: 24
Status: Provisioned, Down, Active
Switchtype: Nortel DMS100
Type: Network
Window Length: 0/7
Sentrej: 0
SolicitFbit: 0
Retrans: 0
Busy: 0
Overlap Dial: 0
T200 Timer: 1000
T203 Timer: 10000
T305 Timer: 30000
T308 Timer: 4000
T313 Timer: 4000
N200 Counter: 3

Check this:

I still cannot get this thing connected. As far as I can tell i have it setup correctly but getting

Primary D-channel: 24
Status: Provisioned, Down, Active

Anyone have any ideas on what to try?

Ok, let’s do a quick check.

How you have clocking, framing and signalling configured on each side?
And what is the other side PBX - is it really Nortel DMS100 as you set it?