Interact with asterisk, from java code

dear all asterisk’s

I need to send message to the asterisk PBX, to register, invite another extension to a call, in other word instead of using a soft phone to contact to the asterisk, I need my application to do so,
should pure sip message, be enough to accomplish what I need?
or should I use specific tools or APIs,
can I send the message as string message similar to the HTML!!

what is the possible way to do that?

I am using java, I have basic knowledge about network programing (using udp, tcp), welling to work using the.Net framework if I should

and learning some of the java api for using sip client

Thanks in advance

Use the originate command in the Asterisk Manager API. The best way to do this is through the Asterisk-Java interface.

thank you very much for replying, :smile:

you mean by that it is better to use that instead of program it as sip!
does all the functionality implemented with the asterisk java,
is there an example of basic call initiation from the application